Who we are

Since 2014

The Edita Team

Comprises highly-trained professionals in Europe and the Americas. Our staff consists of native Spanish, English, and bilingual Spanish-English speakers with experience in translation, writing, editing, proofreading, and archival research.

The team at Edita.us is composed of professional bilingual historians and English and Spanish language experts who are also available to pursue archival and documentation research for your project.

Our Story

My name is Paula de la Cruz-Fernández and I am founder and manager of Edita.us. In mid-2008, I decided to move to the United States to pursue a doctorate in History.

Right from the outset, attending three courses each semester and submitting approximately one paper every week, I realized that it was necessary to adapt my writing style in Spanish to how American academics expressed scholarly ideas and research. While I was proficient in English, having taken all the necessary courses and spent summers abroad to practice the language, I learned that writing for a specialized, expert audience did not easily translate.

Therefore, throughout my 6 years of graduate school, I devoted several hours to the Writing Center and scheduled time with my native English peers (students and faculty) to review every piece of writing I produced. I will be forever grateful for all the help they provided me.

I would often return the favor by proofreading, translating, and transcribing in Spanish. But shortly after graduating, I founded Edita to provide this crucial assistance as a regular service.

In this journey, I always counted on the partnership and expertise of Dr. Elisabeth O’Kane Lipartito whose writing expertise and elegance, and research skills in History, contributed to expand Edita’s reach throughout the years. We have been offering language and research services to writers for an entire decade and the team has grown.

The Edita team is now comprised of highly trained professionals in Europe and the Americas.

Public Outreach services

Research-based work and publications should not go unnoticed but rather contribute to society and the public good.
We assist organizations, writers, and scholars to make their research and their profiles visible and accessible, amplifying their communities, networks, and audiences.

Consult our communications and public outreach services at Academic Suite to know more about how we can assist you.

Our mission

We assist and have experience with multilingual research projects, including archival and cataloging of primary sources, transcription of handwritten documentation, audio and video, and oral history. Our team has a strong record of partnering and managing research projects with researchers around the world.


Enter your name, email, briefly describe your work and how you would like us to help you. We will respond in less than 48 hours with a budget and a work plan. If you wish you can upload the file of your work for a more specific budget (it will be completely confidential).

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