Your digital profile

Take ownership of your DIGITAL profile

Design and update your digital content to make non specialized audiences, potential collaborations, and researchers find you and learn more about your research.

Expand your opportunities

It will increase awareness about your research and work and lead to finding collaborations and opportunities for consultancy.

Communicate better and amply

Amplify your audiences beyond the academic circles that are connected to your research. Educate and receive feedback from a wider variety of readers.

Your research as part of the public good

Bring the results of your work to more open and accessible spaces so that your research informs more decision-making spheres and fields.



Academic profile websites


technical support


Marketing for book and academic articles


Virtual meetings and in person events


Blog management


Social media management


LinkedIn profile and management


Production of podcasts


YouTube channels and video production

Academic and content promotion services


  • Social media campaigns for your journal articles and new publications. The metrics that result from your social media accounts can help you understand and know more about your audience and thus shape future projects and collaboration.
  • Maintain all your social media accounts and research profile pages ResearchGate, Google Scholar,, and ORCID.
  • Creation and curation of digital resources to make your research accessible to researchers in other fields and to non-specialized audiences.
  • Editing and publication of podcasts, video channels, blogs, and other media, making your digital profile and your research discoverable and available in more common digital spaces.
  • Requesting endorsements and recognitions.
  • Language services for all your public posts. Check out more details about our services at

Academic departments and associations

  • Consulting and management for virtual and in-person events organization and scheduling.
  • Social media campaigns for faculty and graduate students. 
  • Maintenance of social media accounts.
  • Creation and maintenance of podcasts, YouTube Channels, websites, and other media projects.  
  • Creation and curation of digital resources to make your research accessible to researchers in other fields and non-specialized audiences. 
  • Assistance in working with communications departments and admissions departments to make information about the department discoverable.

Academic journals

  • Consulting, managing, and maintenance of social media accounts and campaigns.
  • Digital content creation: blog and websites.
  • Creation and maintenance of podcasts and video abstracts repositories about new articles, special issues, publishing processes, and much more. 
  • Consulting and management for virtual and in-person events organization and scheduling.
  • Maintenance of social media accounts.

Why reaching out

Academic Suite offers public outreach services for researchers

We assist scholars and writers in making their profiles and work available to a wider audience. The rigor and time involved in research must be publicized and branded within and beyond the Academy, for it to truly become part of the public good.

We understand Academia

Academic research should not stop after publication – Academic Suite can work with you in taking ownership of and ensuring your research persona and mission are communicated to the world.

We are a bilingual expert consulting agency

Academic Suite specializes in the Social Sciences and the Humanities; it is a bilingual expert agency bringing knowledge to society through common and the most used digital forms. Universities and funding organizations review and evaluate impact by assessing the level of engagement and awareness their researchers have with students, but also with off-campus communities and global networks. By informing non-specialized audiences of your findings and methods, you will involve and engage the community your research so that the impact and value of your work will be measured at a whole different level.

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