Translation, Editing, Transcription


Edita translates texts from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.  Our language experts assure that your documents are correctly translated and edited.

We specialize in academic articles and books, web pages, letters, forms, blog content, notices, magazine articles, and subtitles.

We specialize in content in History, Business, and Art.


Edita is here to help students, professors and professionals who need to submit a paper or a publication in Spanish or English. We can work with you throughout the writing process, whether you need help with a draft or your article has already been accepted for publication. Edita can work with you back and forth, ensuring language accuracy, excellence in writing and also content and reference consistency throughout the text.

Research services

Edita gathers experts that can understand recordings and interviews in a wide range of regional accents in Spanish and English. The Edita team can transcribe as well as document your archival research, providing rigorous and expert note-taking, annotated bibliographies, and reference and citation management and formatting.

Tell us about your project, we can assist from day one!

Oriented to the academic world


Edita specializes in book editing for academics. We have experience editing manuscripts from the dissertation phase to the last publication proofs.

Edita understands the process of book publication, from finding the right publisher, editing and submission of the book proposal, editing and copy editing of the text, to the last proofreading of the manuscript before it is sent to print. We work with the scholar directly and provide thorough support with both immediate needs and long-term projects.

Articles, Theses,
and Dissertations

Article writing and publishing a thesis or a dissertation involve a number of deadlines and rules that can be overwhelming for the scholar. Edita can help back and forth at any time in the process by editing, proofreading, and structuring the content and focus of articles, or by editing manuscripts to be sent to graduate program committees and departments.

We can also assist with formatting and making sure that texts follow academic journal standards and departmental rules.

We receive requests for article editing regularly and it is recommended that we are contacted with enough time to fit your publisher and your institution’s deadlines to make sure we can assist in the best and most accurate way possible.

Special Services

Translations and Transcriptions

Edita provides translations, research services, and transcription in English and Spanish. Our Edita team can translate academic manuscripts and articles, conference presentations, and letters into English and Spanish.

We transcribe audio or text – we have experience working for oral history projects as well as primary sources for which Paleography and native language expertise are required.

Our native speaker experts can understand recordings and interviews in a wide range of regional accents in both English and Spanish, and satisfy your specific needs depending on your transcribing goals.

Why Edita?

Edita recognizes and empathizes with the challenges of the academic world, the so-called “publish or perish” syndrome. Unfortunately, there is even more pressure on tenure-track faculty because presses have greatly reduced the amount of in-house support with regard to editing and proof reading services.

Academia has become increasingly competitive in all aspects but this is particularly apparent with the focus on the need for students and faculty alike to publish in high-ranking international journals. Many of the premier journals are largely published in English, so a proficient command of the written language is a must for any scholarly article to be even considered. Writing for an international community can be a daunting task if English is not the first language.

Similarly, a high level of English proficiency is also expected of the graduate student developing and writing a thesis or dissertation where English is not the first language. Again, as with book manuscripts and journal articles, this goes beyond issues of grammar and punctuation, to include suggestions on how best to develop the narrative, how to express ideas as clearly as possible, and how to write concise and smooth prose that will support the analytical argument of any given piece of research.

We created Edita in 2014 and have been providing language services to writers for a decade. The Edita Team is made up of highly-trained professionals in Europe and the Americas. Our staff consists of native Spanish, English, and bilingual Spanish-English speakers with experience in translation, writing, editing, proofreading, and archival research.

Contact us to set up a virtual conference. We think it is important to meet with each author and to be in constant communication throughout the writing and publication process.

What our customers say about us

“Edita performed an efficient, excellent translation of the text of academic talks from English to Spanish on very short order, preserving my original meaning and nuance, including of academic terms-of-art. I cannot more highly recommend this service.”
Bianca Premo

Associate Professor in Latin American History, Associate Professor of Latin American History, Florida International University

“Quick turn-around, a high degree of accuracy, and fair prices—it is not easy to find this combination of qualities in a transcription service. At last, I have found it in Edita.”
Alex Lichtenstein

Editor, American Historical Review

“A great team that delivers on the job! They have professionally edited several of my academic papers and were always super professional and swift—even down to the last reference. I can highly recommend their services.”
Christina Lubinski

Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

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